Highly efficient terahertz pulse generation by optical rectification in stoichiometric and cryo-cooled congruent lithium niobate


We report, and review in detail, experiments resulting in a record 3.7% optical-to-terahertz (THz) conversion efficiency by optical rectification (OR) in cryogenically cooled congruent lithium niobate (cLN) using a near-optimal 680 fs pump pulse at 1030 nm. In addition, we report a record conversion efficiency of 1.7% at room temperature using stoichiometric lithium niobate (sLN) which results in 21.8 ÎŒJ of THz energy from a 1.2 mJ optical pulse. Electro-optical sampling measurements reveal the THz pulses to be single-cycle and centered at 0.45 THz. The experimentally measured efficiency, THz waveform, and THz spectrum are in good agreement with theoretical calculations. Finally, spatial beam profile measurements are also provided. To our knowledge, these results represent an order of magnitude improvement in efficiency of THz generation by OR in lithium niobate over previous results.

Journal of Modern Optics