A neural preprocessor for cleaning dirty document images

An intuitive view of why neural networks generalize, using decision boundary, loss landscape, and volumetric visualizations.

Exposing a training time security vulnerability of a large class of neural networks

Combining femtosecond lasers and electron gun technology to enhance the resolution of mass spectrometers for planetary exploration

First demonstration of an all-optically-driven electron gun operating in the femtosecond pulse regime

Miniaturizing mile-long particle accelerators using high intensity THz lasers

World record optical-to-THz conversion efficiency using the tilted pulse front method

Optical frequency combs are the most precise “rulers” of time that currently exist

An array of phase locked lasers with high speed electronic beam steering for applications in swept lidar and free space optical communication

Scaling up optical power by an order of magnitude via coherently combining together multiple laser beams


Dec 2017 – Present
College Park, MD

Visiting Researcher

University of Maryland Computer Science

Sep 2017 – Present
New York, NY

Researcher in Residence

Ernst & Young

May 2016 – Sep 2017
Greenbelt, MD

Technical Staff


Oct 2014 – Jan 2016
Hamburg, Germany

Visiting Scientist

Deutsche Elektronen Synchrotron

Sep 2012 – Aug 2017
Cambridge, MA

PhD Candidate and NDSEG Fellow

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Advised by Professors Franz Kärtner, Keith Nelson, and Erich Ippen
Aug 2009 – Sep 2012
Lexington, MA

Assistant Technical Staff

MIT Lincoln Lab

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