Femtosecond Ionization Mass Spectrometer

Combining femtosecond lasers and electron gun technology to enhance the resolution of mass spectrometers for planetary exploration

Ultrafast THz-driven Electron Gun

First demonstration of an all-optically-driven electron gun operating in the femtosecond pulse regime

THz-driven Linear Electron Accelerator

Miniaturizing mile-long particle accelerators using high intensity THz lasers

High Energy THz Pulse Generation

World record optical-to-THz conversion efficiency using the tilted pulse front method

Frequency Comb-based Tunable Optical Synthesizer

Optical frequency combs are the most precise "rulers" of time that currently exist

Beam Steering with Optical Phased Array

An array of phase locked lasers with high speed electronic beam steering for applications in swept lidar and free space optical communication

Coherent Beam Combination

Scaling up optical power by an order of magnitude via coherently combining together multiple laser beams